Photo Cube Generator

Easy Photo Cube Generator Instructions: 
1. Click the “BROWSE” button to find a photo on your computer.
The ideal picturesize is 200×200. If your photo is a different size,
the generator will resize your picture to fit within the cube.
For best results, use your picture editor software to resize your
photo first if necessary.
2. Click on “UPLOAD” button. Your picture will appear after it
is uploaded. The maximum photocube file size allowed in the picture
cube is 1.0 MB.
3. Click on the “Copy HTML code” button to grab the code or select
all the code in the Codebox and Copy (Ctrl+C) it. Don’t modify the code.
4. Paste all of the Graffiti Maker Code (Ctrl+V) in your MySpace Profile Text Box
such as “About Me” or send it as a Comment, Bulletin or Email. 

Easy Instructions: 

1. Follow steps 1 through 3 above.
2. Share the Code on Facebook, Click Here

The Photo Cube Generator can also be used for for Tagged,
MyYearbook, Friendster, Hi5, Social Networks, Blogs & Websites.

Click COPY HTML CODE then Share it on Facebook

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