Broadening the Brand

Broadening the Brand: DreamWorks has been working to move beyond the mere making of animated features. First:

DWA’s $155 million acquisition of Classic Media last summer ushered hundreds of classic properties through DreamWorks’ door … “It gave us a portfolio” and an experienced international sales team …

DWA owns stop-motion classics “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Frosty the Snowman.” …

The company has now negotiated a distribution deal with 20th-Century Fox, and a production deal with a studio in Shanghai, China …

Then a new exec is hired

DreamWorks Animation has named Michael Francis its first chief global brand officer, the studio said Monday. In his newly created position, Francis will oversee the company’s licensing and consumer products push and franchise management activities. …

There’s been a lot of copy the last year and a half about DreamWorks Animation making new corporate moves. “They’re going to start doing live action.” … “The company is building amusement parks.” … “New foreign studios are coming on line.”

I’m betting that ten years from now, DreamWorks Animation will have way more irons heating up over the fire than just long-form animation.


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