Foreign Box Office

Foreign Box Office: Santy and Double Oh Seven duke it out.

James Bond is in a box-office photo finish with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny over what looks to be the last slow weekend of the holidays.

According to studio estimates Sunday, Sony’s Bond tale “Skyfall” took in $11 million to move back to No. 1 in its fifth weekend.

That put it narrowly ahead of Paramount’s “Rise of the Guardians,” the animated adventure of Santa, the Easter Bunny and other mythological heroes that pulled in $10.5 million. …

As the Reporter informs us:

After four rounds on the foreign circuit, Guardians has accumulated a total offshore gross of $90.5 million. Although there were openings in Iceland, Israel and South Africa, the bulk of the weekend action came from holdover engagements in larger markets. …

Meantime, Wreck-It Ralph is up to $51.1 million in foreign accumulations and $215.5 million worldwide. And Hotel Transylvania has almost $158 million from overseas audiences.


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