New Producer for New Production

New Producer for New Production: Angry Birds feature has its creative team start to take shape.

Rovio’s Angry Birds feature film is getting ready to fly in 2016. Today Rovio Entertainment announced that John Cohen, who most recently produced Despicable Me, has signed on to produce what will be a 3D CG-animated movie. …

Mr. Cohen has a long career in animation, being a director of development and then a vice-president at Fox Animation. He worked hand-in-glove with animation king pin Chris Meledandri, first at Fox, then at Illumination Entertainment.

So John Cohen has beaucoup production experience. And since he’s been working in the “Do development, hire a sub-contractor to make the movie” mode the last few years, we would guess that the model for Angry Birds will be to get the script and boards together, then find an offshore (of maybe local?) studio to make the movie.

Whatever, I’m thinking, gets the production the most bang for its buck.


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