Auto summary tools on Ms.Word 2007

Microsoft Word has a tool called auto summary, which will automatically create a summary document for you. on this option, Word will check the document and highlight the most important sentence. And MS.Word will automatically create a summary of your document.
to display the Auto Summary tools at MS.Word 2007 are not available by default in Word 2007. is by following these steps:

Autosummary tools now appear on the Quick Access toolbar. To use this tool to make a summary of the document:
A. Open the document you want to compact.
2. Click the tool on the Quick Access toolbar Autosummary.
3. Choose Auto Summarize from the submenu that appears.
4. Select the summary type, determine which of the four types of summary that you want to make.
5. Select the length of the summary, you can determine what percentage of the original manuscript which will be used as a summary.
6. Click the OK button.
And now the text of your document has also been well-summarized quickly.

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