How to use spelling & grammar tools (Ms.Word)

fter my previous post about the tool ms. Word 2007 called Autosummary, now I will discuss about the other MS.Word tools, namely spelling and grammar.
This tool is basically useful for writers who do not use English in their daily lives or writers who lack the English language skills. This tool is very useful to improve the grammar we use in writing an article to be more visible or more visible professional English people.
In contrast to Autosummary tool, the standard MS.Word this tool is able to directly digunakan.Ms.word> Review menu tab> Proofing> spelling & Grammar. use the following steps:
  1. Open the document you want to check spelling & grammarnya.
  2. Select all the articles and then set the language to English by clicking the tool set of languages ​​(MS.Word> menu review tab> proofing> set language)
  3. Select text or a paragraph or all of the articles and press F7, then continue according to existing options are:
  • choice of words: ignore once, ignore all, add to dictionary.
  • option to change: change, change all and auto correct (view the pict)
after all, we have earned a good English-language articles and correct.

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